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Our Mission

Tea Tots mission is to provide quality care to all children with an emphasis on playing, learning & respect for others. Our goal is to provide a safe & secure place where children can explore, laugh, interact with others, learn & grow each day.

Welcome to Tea Tots

Tea Tots is located on the North part of Tea, SD on the corner of Devon and 271st St.

One of the most important parts of early childhood development is that children should learn, play, and develop lasting relationships with other children they will soon be classmates with. At Tea Tots, our philosophy is simple: We Play. We Learn. We Grow.

Learning starts at birth. A baby uses his or her five senses to explore the world around them. The people who interact with children are an important part of a child’s developing brain. We use proven structured methods to help each age group with learning everything from colors and the ABC’s to writing and being prepared for Kindergarten. Everything we do at Tea Tots for your child is developed to give them a big leap ahead when they start kindergarten.

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2100 Devon Ave, Tea, SD 57064